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How To Use A.I. To Build Your SUPER Leads Sucking Machine in Minutes and Watch It Sell Like a Pro!


Secret #1

How To Use AI To Create Your SUPER Leads Sucking Machine in Minutes

  • Just need to know how to fill in the blank, clicking your mouse, you are all set
  • Even your office cleaning auntie can do it
  • Secret #2

    How To Instruct AI To Follow Up and To Sell Them Without You Lifting a Finger

  • The secret of getting your very own AI to to understand your business better than you do
  • AI will craft his own automated marketing plan such as following up with your leads, building a rapport with them on your behalf, and eventually sell them like a Wolf of Wallstreet
  • You can even fire all your salesperson
  • Secret #3

    How To Hunt For Unlimited Qualified Leads Using The Combo of Google & AI

    • Never worry about not getting enough leads anymore
    • AI will assist you to suck in, and even HIJACK your competitor's leads


    Host: Lester Sim 

    Founder of VOffice & Foretec - Lester Sim

    Lester Sim, the esteemed founder of VOffice & Foretec, a Singapore-based digital marketing agency. With over 20 years of experience in SEO/SEM and digital marketing experience, Lester has established himself as a true industry pioneer. Ranking thousands of keywords onto the top positions on Google, Lester's expertise is unparalleled.

    As a renowned keynote speaker, Lester has been invited to speak at various business events and marketing conferences, captivating audiences with their in-depth knowledge of SEO/SEM. With a client portfolio spanning SMEs to MNCs, including Google Singapore, Lester's consulting services have proven invaluable.

    Co-host: Tim Yu 

    Co-founder of Foretec - Tim Yu

    Meet Tim Yu, a seasoned Digital Marketer with 16+ years of experience, renowned for his exceptional expertise in achieving great ROI & top rankings on Google for local businesses and SMEs. With a remarkable track record of building niche authority websites that dominate international search results, Tim's prowess has attracted investors worldwide, leading to substantial six-figure acquisitions.

    In recent years, Tim's focus has shifted towards harnessing the potential of AI in his Digital Marketing endeavors. As an AI enthusiast, he tirelessly explores innovative ways to leverage AI technologies and tools, amplifying his clients' success to new heights. With his extensive experience, proven results, and forward-thinking approach, Tim stands as a trusted authority in the dynamic realm of Digital Marketing.


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